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Investing when you far away home is always cumbersome as its hard to track porgress on works especially if being monitored by relatives, this thus leaves many Ugandans in the diaspora helpless and with a neagtive view of ever investing back home, thus missing out on the golden opprtunities that their motherland holds.

The real estate sector in Uganda is one of the looming businesses currently, with variations in income depending on the location of your infrastructure, the nature and qaulity of the work done. For example one might construct an apartment block fetching $1000 each from the 6 units in Muyenga, Kampala, yet the same structure in Bulenga or Nansana might fetch a maximum of $650-$700 from the same number of units. Location is always key, and so is the nature and quality of the structure.

We at Finding Homes Uganda with our Ugandans in Diaspora Savings Plan will help you sort out the hustle of being cheated by un trustworthy relatives who at times take advantage of all the pain you go through raising money to invest home.

With this plan,

  1. We dedicated two bank accounts in the companies name that you can have access to, and only view the transactions as you make them while saving to invest.
  2. You can opt to send money from $20, to any amount affordable to you and it will be banked in your name, until you reach your ultimate savings goal. or
  3. You can save up on your end and we keep constant communication on leads that are in line with your investment ventures.
  4. Once a property comes on market and is with in your savings with us, we share with you the prospects and with your permission, we purchase on your behalf and have our legal team finalize all your documenation in your name and safe custody of your titles.
  5. You can also save up to construct your own structure and our construction department comes in handy with preparing bills of quantities and prospective over all costs and this will be monitored for you at no cost until your dream house or commercial structure is complete.


We so far have two beneficiaries of this plan both leaving in Maryland, USA saving the little they can to achieve a long term goal, you too can get on board and benefit with utmost trust and accountability. Contact us today.